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Two free tickets for you!

Hello sponsor and friend.

Im going on worldtour and i am giving you two free tickets to watch the show!
First  ill do some shows  in The Netherlands; in Harlem, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Deventer and Delft. After that i will continue the tour in places as New York, Los Angeles. Antwerp (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), Glasgow (Scotland), Dublin (Ireland) and London (England).
This is my first newsletter. With this newsletter ill take you with me on the road and ill keep you up to date about whats whats going on during the tour. After that i will decide which city on this planet i will call home and stay there.

What is this show all about?

My show is about me in my punk-fase. That means The Rebel speaks. In other words im gonna shake of that passive aggressiveness that has been lying there for many years. I have had so many moments that i really wanted to say something about something but couldn’t because i was holded back by myself, bosses, friends, crying babies, too loud birds, low flying aircraft, frogs falling out of the sky, men asking too much attention, along-running singing jehova’s witnesses, sudden giant windforces,  or the news about isis who could cut your head off because they are so lighthearted raised by the islam. And now im gonna say it, what’s in there, in my mind, in this show, to you, right in your face, if you like it or not!
I am now the boss. And the funny thing is, i would make the world a better place. So put me as president and the world would lighten up. But the good always have to suffer from the bad. So as long as presidency is not in my league, i am happy to bring you this comedy show.

What did i do before?

In 2017 i graduated from The American Comedy institute in New York. But before that i was already busy as a comedian in The Netherlands. I won several comedy prices, like The Griffioen Cabaret Festival and toured through the country and i played at the regular comedy clubs such as The Comedy Cafe and Toomler.
In 2012 i decided to visit Los Angeles. I felt so great performing in Los Angeles that i decided to visit The United States on a regular base. I went to The American Comedy Institute to have an institute to fall back on in finding my place in the comedy-jungle of America.
The Graduation Show of The American Comedy Institute was the opening act of a suprise act of Jerry Seinfeld at The Gotham Comedy Club. Great it was. You can watch the video at my site:

Why do you receive this newsletter?

You receive this newsletter because;
1.You where a sponsor of one of my shows;
2.You subscribed to the newsletter on my website;
3. And/or you are a friend, colleague, teacher or employer who i like to give an update about The Punk Tour.

There will be a lot of writing, performing and acting  going on and i will give you a lot to read, hear and watch. It will not be easy but that makes it even more interesting to make it a great story. The most difficult part of getting a job as a comedian is not giving up even you are about to die of hunger because all the normal employers fire you due to your strange behaviour and you are still not having that agent that pay you for your comedy. And/or maybe no friends dont want you no more because you are so selfishly busy with your passion and they are blaming you for a lack of interest in them  and you are dealing with massive lonelyness. And/or things in life are happening that makes you very sad like sickness and death of people nearby and the only thing you need to do is make people laugh, because thats the job,  while all you want to do is cry.
Nice job isnt? Well yes it is. There is this urge to tell things. Things that go beyond normal life. Also, it gives you the tool to overcome matters of life so you are getting higher on the ladder of the spiritual mind. After all on every path you choose to take, you have to make some sacrifices and if you work hard for your goal and beat every challenge i think it will bring your life as a whole on a higher level. If i can inspire you getting on that higher level i am your guide.  I am gonna share all the ins and outs that will happen, like walking on Sunset Boulevard and bumping up Keanu Reeves by accident or,  finding a new species looking like a cockchafer swimming in the muddy swampy ditches of Scotland but also, the mysterious thoughts that might occur, the spiritual lessons i learn and i will show you videos of all my performances.

Two free tickets!

To get the two free tickets i suggest you just reply to this email, you mention your name and say the city where you want to see the show. For now i have the following dates:2 september De Toneel Garage Haarlem 20:30 uur 

3 september Stayokay Amsterdam Oost 16:00 uur

21 september Het Nutshuis Den Haag 20:30 uur    

30 september De Fermerie Deventer 20:30 uur

8 oktober Nivon grote zaal Rotterdam 20:00 uur

29 oktober Het Rietveld Theater Delft 20:00 uur

Later on in the year, the agenda will be filled up with the shows abroad. The tour will be finished in 9 months.
Because of so many international subscribers  this newsletter is in English.
The shows in Holland will be in dutch. In cities elsewhere in english,
Goodbey for now, lets catch up at the next newsletter next month and i hope to see you at one of my shows!

caroline • February 23, 2020

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