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The Punk World Tour 2018

Hello how are you doing?

Long time ago I wrote my first newsletter to you. I spoke about The Punk World Tour and that I was about to perform in places all over the world. I didn’t speak to you ever since. Because The Tour stayed in Netherlands and I was too busy organizing that. I wanted to send a new newsletter while I was in a new foreign country: Belgium, Germany, England or America. But I didn’t go yet.
Finally this month I will be abroad. I will go to Antwerp in april and visit Belgium to do the show there. Before I go I am writing you this letter.
The tour in The Netherlands was amazing and I experienced a big growth in performing. The shows took place in: Haarlem, Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Naarden-Vesting, Deventer, Arnhem, Leiden,The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amersfoort.
The best shows were those in Amersfoort and Arnhem. The audience was nice and people came from everywhere. Also the show itself turned out to be really  great and I felt super-strong in what I was doing.
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The show isn’t finished yet. it’s a show in progress. It evolves every consecutive show. In every new show I have 5 minutes extra of material in stand-up comedy, in impersonations, in sketches, improv and real -life-changing-tedx-talks -in-the-hope-life-would-be-any-better-for-us-all -one-day-talks. That way the show will become ready to get in the bigger theatres and will attract bigger directors and co-actors, greater audiences and hopefully finally all my neglected friends for years as well.
I can also tell you the show isn’t evolving in just a stand-up show, but a show full of funny bits in different kinds of forms. I should change the name on the flyer that sais: “stand-up comedy” into: ”Punk; A Stand-up Comedy Cabaret One Woman Theater Show, that is not only funny, not only serious, not only deep, not only simpel, not only comedy, not just tragedy. Its all”
Unfortunately that phrase would be too long. I am looking for that one word that would cover it all. That word must be ‘Cabaret’.

I am writing in English, despite the fact I have mainly performed in Dutch the last 6 months. This is because I have a lot of English newsletter subscribers and I believe I will do English spoken shows in the future in English spoken countries, so I’ll keep holding on to that.
The Netherlands are very ok. The good thing about The Netherlands is that we are well-fared. There is not a lot of poverty. We are open-minded in most cases and there is a lot of freedom. We are safe for any war and nothing can really fail. But most important is that we have ‘a big hunk’ as king. His name is Willem Alexander. Absolutely stunning and I am for 20% sure that 15% of the women population in The Netherlands would ‘do’ him. That is not really much, but compared to, for example Trump, who has only 0,000000000000000000000025 % of the population of the woman who would ‘do’ him, we are a very sexy country.
But the country is very small and sometimes it seems the smaller the country is the smaller the people are who live there. We like to put each other down and keep each other ‘normal’ instead of outstanding amazing and great. That way we will always stay small, even though we dont see that. It seems that humour arises with putting each other down, but in the end, too much harshness and criticism will cut off all creativity. Luckily we had Van Gogh. The only person who can compensate the lack of greatness and true artisticity in this country. Poor him, even after his death he has to work so hard. Only he can save this country and give it a thorough artistic identity.
Besides that I believe more opportunities arise when you enrich your horizon. So let’s go abroad!
Creativity sometimes exists out of frustration and if used well you can create everything. If you use all your emotional bagage you can turn it into creative gold.
The place where I am attracted to at this moment perhaps for that reason among other is America. I have heard some places of America are for sure ahead of us and some places in America have a higher consciousness and a higher vibration than the rest of the world. I wouldn’t know why that is, but i believe so.
I went to Los Angeles once and i never felt so good before. It is already 6 years ago and i still want to go back. The higher vibration i felt there was amazing and I thought one thing: ‘one day i will live here’. People who are busy with empowerment and getting in a higher potentional, are the people i admire the most. They happen to be  American in most cases, or Jewish. Jewish people are good in getting high in the sky as well, as far as I know.  But to become a great stand-up comedian and stage performer you shouldn’t live in the mountains of Moses and Isaac having your daily routine on a camel through the deserts looking for a word of wisdom waiting for the mesiah to come. No you should be practising it where the roots of the stand-up comedy are: America.

The lesson of The Universe

I am my own agent and I decide where , how and if i am doing my show. I always had a job struggle. I was fired a lot because of an authority complex .The moment I started doing it all myself and started being my own boss/agent, I started to make money and experience abundance. This was The Sign for me I was on the right track. I did a money-flow-challenge-thing at internet of Francien van der Boomen. She said that you should watch the signs of The universe.  If money flows, you are on the right track. The moment I heard that I realised I was busy doing something special and should take my business and entrepreneurship very serious.
That doesn’t mean I should not try to fit myself in existing comedy scenes, to be in line-ups, the way it should be. So wherever i will be on this planet, getting into the clubs stay remain a big goal.
For sure, getting discovered by a club and getting paid by that club would be the One Biggest Thing To Achieve as a comedian. But i know now that it would not be the only thing that would make me yell: ‘My dreams have come true!’
The greatest thing I have build so far is my own show and this Punk Tour. Selling my own tickets, doing the marketing and get sponsored all over the world. This is what will evolve in greater entrepreneurship and will get bigger in time. My dreams will have become true if I get to play in greater theaters in front of greater audiences, with a greater impact,  rewarded by more independency, more freedom and a larger income.  I dont mind how I get there. By my own company or an agent. As long as it’s the biggest thing I can do, it’s perfect.

What happens next?

The next time I will send you a newsletter I will be in Antwerp. In may I will be doing shows in The Netherlands; Maastricht, zwolle and Den Bosch. After that the tour continues in cities in other parts of the world. I will make You Tube registrations of the cities where I am in, and  I will show you greatest performings from all those cities.To get tickets for one of these shows you can visit the website and order by contact form:
If you order two tickets in any city, you get two tickets for the price of one. That means you get two tickets for 15 euros.
Just mention on the contact form: “Newsletter Bonus”. and i will reply as soon as possible.
See you in the theater and have a great day!

caroline • February 23, 2020

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