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How are you doing? Did you have a nice summer? I did. I almost did nothing for two months. I dont think it was a burn-out, but perhaps it was a good idea to do totally nothing and enjoy the nothingness because it was close. Thats also the reason why some dates of the shows are changed to later dates. I needed time to set it all up again. Now i am back on track. And how!
First of all The Punk Tour is going further on. I will do the show in Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Apeldoorn and Antwerp. Second i will organise some comedy nights through the city of Amsterdam. One is during a football game Ajax-Feynoord and another one is during Sinterklaas: a dutch national holiday.

In november i will go to New York for one month. And in the new year more travels to the USA will come.

I once was in Los Angeles, 6 years ago, and i called it ”home”. Ever since i want to go back there, as i already wrote you in an early newsletter. Once i have learned how to become an online entrepreneur, i can go, because with online-entrepreneuring i can live everywhere on this planet and still make money.
It could be this magical experience was a one-time experience only and will never return again.  Still longing back, but falling into an illusion now.  It could say the say the same as my scale pointing the 60 kg (132 lb): ‘You will never make it’.

I have started my own company. With this I am climbing my own ladder. Because once i started doing my crowdfunding for my shows and went through sickness and hell, storms and wheater to sell my tickets, i also started being spiritual and found out that The Real Ladder I wanted to climb , was The Ladder I was already climbing on: selling my product, that thing that beholds my message: my show.

I discovered Simone Levie. Simone Levie is a woman who talks about money on internet the whole time. She is part of an internet-tribe with Francien van den Boomen, Dolly Heuvelink van Beek  and Eelco de Boer. They are all millionaires. Somehow i am attracted to them and read all their stories online (i wonder what the attraction is???..)

I had some weird coincidences the other day. One day i came home from a day of selling my show, and i started crying out of nowhere.
I never cry. Its not that i am tough.  Only when it really matters, i cry. What dominates with crying is the attitude  ‘I must stay strong, no matter what happens’ (Totally programmed by modern masculin achievement-orientated society, i know ). At the other side, i can roar louder than a rhino when not being able to find two socks of the same pair, something totally unimportant.

Now, on this particularly day i came home and i started crying so loud, that i think neigbours two blocks away could hear me and thought there where three rhinos in my house rented by national zoo to cheer up the place or something. After this 5 hours of crying i found out this:

Simone Levie herself was following me on instagram.

’Wow’ you could say, ’Even finding two socks of the same pair would be more interesting to cry about. Who the fuck is she?’

I told you already. Just scroll above.

This was a special thing, because apparently this was a psychic connection i wasnt aware of until i found out it was her that made me cry so freaking deep. I am sure this was a true ‘wake-up call’.

Then, Francien van den Boomen . Another woman into ‘manifesting dreams’. I did a meditation and in this meditation I saw very special things, Again, I cried for exactly the same 5 hours.

A week later or so i was walking down the streets and suddenly thoughts of a spiritual book called  ‘A course in Miracles’ popped up in my mind. Years ago i studied this book and even though i was not obsessed with it, i was slightly touched by it.
Than the same crying started . With the same vibes, the same feelings, the same emotions. I recognised the crying. That specific feeling.  Than i found out Simone Levie started her business after a session by Gabby Bernstein, a student of The Course in Miracles. After Simone Levie visited one of Gabby Bernstein’s Events, she made a large shift in her mindset and became a millionaire and started making other people millionaires as well. So by making contact with Simone Levie, i made indirectly contact with Gabby Bernstein, connected by this book called ”A Course in Miracles”.

Are you still with me?
”You are a comedian and you should make jokes.”
”Yes i know, but we talk about millionaires here.”
‘’Ok, we will shut up!’’

So what do i want to say with this all? I wanted to talk about the mysterious way life is occuring sometimes, and that deeper connections arise when you are open for it. Also, The Course in Miracles is talking about ”only your willingness is enough”. Perhaps doing something with The Course in Miracles should be my mission, but perhaps doing something with Simone Levies’ Business School of becoming an online entrepreneur would be the real reason of all this. I will learn from her how to make money online, and that will give me the opportunity to live the visions I had of selling tickets online, doing great marketing and being able doing shows in The USA.

Undertaking online gives such financial freedom, it could free nations and lives of suffering of poverty disbeliefs in abundance (not all the crap on the internet to be taken seriously, only the people who really have something to say should be mentioned).

My vision doesn’t  mark ’making money’ as the highest form of living. My vision is based on setting people free in life, including their beliefs about money.

Free to live the way we want.

Free of cords that keeps us prisoned.

Free of emotions that hold us back.

Free of all the suffering caused by disbelief.

Free of all hate, anger and war that keeps us bounded.

I have learned that this book ‘A Course in Miracles’ was channeled by Jesus himself, yes, the one and only, and was written by Helen Schmuck. Looking at the deepness of this whole ”crying-thing” in relation to this book, i can imagine i was one of Jesus disciples (sure sure sure!! Hahaha, if that was so i guess i was the most annoying one, cursing and yelling at the round table being drunk the whole time. But I am sure Jesus would have loved me unconditionally)

Although i have never seen myself as a spiritual teacher, i strongly connect to this spiritual revolution that is going on on this planet. So many people are waking up nowaydays and are saying goodbye to the old. The new world will be so much lighter and stronger. And as The Dalai Lama said: ‘’The world will be set free by the western woman.’’ Maybe not a coincidence that this tribe I cried in total 10 hours to ( and god knows how many crying hours will follow) are almost all women. I am born on march 8. On international womens day. Perhaps a sign i am born a s as strong female leader! HA! Well, at least there is still hope becoming one, one day!

Till then and with that, i will do the JOKES. Good jokes are hidden messages, and if you really laugh hard about something, underneath the joke big pain and tragedy could be lying and if so,you can be sure that this comedian is a comedian that really has something to tell.

Because no pain no gain.
Pain let us rise up
to the moment we see no way out.
And if we see no way out,
we seek solutions.
When we seek solutions,
enlightment is waiting for us.
And in enlightment,
there is not only freedom,
not only hope,
not only The Rise,
but also a lot of humor going on.

So come to my shows. We will fly together.

The dates and locations of the shows in oktober till december are:

6 oktober Comedy Night Lijn 15 Amsterdam
14 oktober Comedy Night Pipes and Beans Amsterdam
27 oktober ‘Punk’ One-woman show. Theater ”Bij Katrien” Den Bosch
28 oktober Louis Davids Comedy Night

November: the whole month i will be in New York. Doing comedy and vlogging on internet.

7 december Comedy Night Cafeetje van Marietje Apeldoorn
9 december ”Punk” One woman show Theaterzaal Caf Duende Amsterdam
27 december De Avenue Theater Breda

And than more dates are coming of shows in Eindhoven, Groningen en Antwerpen. Dates will follow soon.

You can buy tickets by leaving a message by my website or reply to this email.

I am working towards officiat ticketservice systems to be able to sell tickets online. Its coming.

In the next newsletter i will give a deeper insight of My Story; The insight and outsights of very special happenings in my life which based upon to other important things where following.

Telling your story is a start of making your life succesfull. What is it that you have to tell? What is your message? What’s the story of your life, that could touch us so much, that we could either want to cry, live with you, get inspired by you or let us burst out loud  in laughter?
Tell your story. let us know who you are.

Well, this is the end of this newsletter. See you in the next and I hope to see you in one of my shows.

With a great hug and lots of love,


caroline • February 23, 2020

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