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Hello! How are you doing?

First of all: You have two free tickets for the show this thursday in Enschede, The Netherlands. How do you get them? Scroll down below.
Second: Why is this in english while lots of shows are now In The Netherlands? Because i still have a lot of foreign subscribers and i am planning going abroad in the nearest future. So, i will just continue writing and practising in english in the meantime, that will make it understandable for everyone.

Now let’s officially start this newsletter.

Why did it take so long, before getting the next newsletter?

Well first of all, a lot happened for me in the last year.
The previous season started with a training. It was a training for succes that took 5 weeks. Since then, contradictory, a lot of things went wrong.

I moved to another house. There was a man living in the same building and i completely fell in love. I was so in love, i didn’t know what to do. Strangely enough, this man was a municipal official. I mean, if it was an artist or a big business-man, but to crave for a minicipal official like he was a God, what was happening?

Well, first of all i shouldnt look down so much on municipal officials. What is wrong with municipal officials? Perhaps they are the best! Perhaps they are a representative of how God created man.  Fame, fortune, getting rich and travelling all around the world? Tsss, that is nothing. What was i thinking. These things are so superficial! THIS. THIS MAN. THIS MAN ALONE, could make me happy. Together we would go to the roots of LIFE itself, and we would take with us: his beerbelly, his two children, his divorced background and all his increasing midlife problems! That would be so great!!!

I was asking The Universe: ”Universe, please send me a sign that this love is mutual”. So, one night, i left my door to visit the bathroom at the other side of the hall. I passed his door. It was 4 o’clock in the morning. And right at the moment i was passing his door, the door opened against my direction, and smashed in my face. I fell down backwards on the ground and i had a bleeding nose. Cheerfully the municipal official said ”Hi!, what a coincidence!”. But i understood ‘the sign’.

A few months later, there it was. I saw him walking down the alley, when he looked up and saw me. ”Finally”, i thought, ”he sees me”. He cheerfully waved at me and ran towards me, in slow/motion (picture this as if it is a movie). I was so happy he was running towards me, that i started running as well. At the point we would have been crossing and hugging eachother, he passed me and ran  a little further. I turned around, in slow/motion. And i saw him…hugging…his new girlfriend.

I think God was right. This wasn’t a mutual love. This was a door slapped in my face.

Somehow i was blinded by this so called love, it felt like i was hypnotised,
Hypnotised by municipal officials with beerbellys, midlife problems, two children and a divorced background. What are these municipal officials doing to me?

The good thing is that i now know that its not my mission to live with municipal officials. The only option for me that is left is going back to the road i was already travelling: the one leading to fame and fortune! There is nothing left for me to choose, i am afraid. So Antonia Banderas here i come!

In the period of ”Falling out of reality”’ i lost my phone, i lost my laptop, i lost money, i lost time and i lost my pride. But it’s good to know i am more authentic than i thought and that my system doesn’t go well with landmark-kind of things with great commercial benefits which only leads me in getting rejected by municipal officials.
Eventhough i was twice as inspired and motivated and succesfull after the ”events” (as they call it, when things go wrong, you start to rise up in your consciousness) and you could consider the training as a smash in the face with a rise after it, i dont think i’ll do it again.

But the one thing that kept on going where my shows. Nothing can fuck with my shows. They stand in the middle of a turbulance with a wind force higher than the strongest tornado and nothing can make them fall.

I just finished Het Oosten Comedy Festival in Deventer, Almelo and Hengelo. The Festival will be closed with a show 26 september in Het Mystiek Theater in Enschede. For you, i have two free tickets if you share the following FB-event on your time-line. Just reply this newsletter email, by saying:  ”i shared the event, can i get my tickets for Enschede please?” And we will send you the two free tickets.

This is the link to the FB-event:

To buy more tickets you can go to the website of the theater:

New newsletters are coming soon. The shows are really going well now and the business is in the saddle. Structured and all, the train is moving on.

Thank you for sharing the FB-event and i hope to see you thursday!


Caroline Sanders

caroline • February 23, 2020

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