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Stand-up comedy in Utrecht and Rotterdam

Independency and freedom


So The Oosten Comedy Festival was a great succes. That means the organization went well, the audience is getting bigger and i got great compliments on how funny i was (and the other players as well).

Its important to know that you are good. There is so much in this world that wants to distract you, put you down, or wants to hold you back.  I mean, i am told that succes doesn’t go without having haters. I dont have a lot of haters, but for sure i know how it feels to be neglected by other male comedians, hated by girlie girls and distrusted by surroundings. I know my way through jealousy, hate and envy. I have been kicked out of living groups because they couldnt stand my cheerful eccentric jokes and i have been pushed away by ex-boyfriends and family. I have been there, i have done that.

But during The Oosten Comedy Festival i was standing in front of an audience and the roof came off. That means that there was laughter almost every second and people seemed to be in one big comical flow during my act. It is such a relief to be able to realise i am really good at this, and i can really make people laugh. Otherwise, my life would have been a total disaster and i would have been sacrifing a lot of peace and harmony for….i dont know what.

The truth about my company is that i also have discovered my entrepreneurial qualities. I mean, once you notice that you are a good seller, you dont want to let that go. Eventhough comedy is the business i am working in and it feels like holy ground, i dont rely on every booker. It can be fulll of scumbags an assholes who just dont really want to pay you. The Netherlands is a small country and there are only a few comedy clubs. I am not gonna wait unitil i am asked by the big clubs, whilst working in shitty jobs and get paid nothing. I could wait my whole life to be asked!

No, i take matters in my own hand. Litterally, i have been selling tickets in my ”pyamas” one time on the street. I had a room without kitchen, toilet and shower back then, in the centre of Amsterdam. Best location ever, but i had to compromise a bit on facilities. So everyday, i got up at six, went out in jeans i already slept in that night, and went to ”work”. ”Work” was going out their in the shopping streets in a city of my next shows and looking for sponsers. Even when i was unshowered and unwashed, i managed to sell tickets in the first shop i walked in. I sold 6 tickets, scored 100 euros in half an hour, i went home and went back to sleep.
Just by being very enthousiastic about my show and selling my tickets like a tornado of passion overloaded with joy for what i was doing i was able to convince people to pay me. Am i gonna change that for a shitty job somewhere at an office or a bar, where you get paid like 10 euros an hour and you have to work your ass off. No!!! I am gonna use my sales talents and start my own agency. Who do they think they are!!

My company is growing, that means, i already can live of my own selling system for almost four years now and the shows are getting bigger and better. The things that i am learning is to take my self serious as an entrepreneur. That means i am learning  to live like an entreprneur and i adjust my life to it. I am learning about outsourcing, administration, work-and payment systems.

In the nearest furture i will be giving stand-up comedy workshops as well and i am trying to put a sales program together for artist who wants to sell their craft. I am gonna teach others what i learned myself. I love doing sales. Doing sales is the best. Sales are giving you independecy and freedom.

Get two free tickets for the following stand-up shows

This saturday, 12 october,  there will be a stand-up comedy show in Beers en Bites in Utrecht. For more information you can look at this FB-event. Share the event and get two free tickets. Just send a reply on this email and say: “I shared the event, can i get my tickets for Utrecht now?”:

Upcoming other shows are:
-Rotterdam: 31 Oktober
-Leiden: 28 November
-Haarlem: Date still open
-Lelystad: 14 and 28 November, 12 December

More information about these shows are coming. For now i say goodbey, and oh, dont forget to like my FB-page of Carolines Comedy Events:


caroline • February 23, 2020

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